PACS believes people with mental illness can recover and lead productive lives in their community. Our staff is caring and kind.  They provide an array of mental health services that are culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate to respond to the diversity of our clients whether they are Asian, Pacific Islander, African American, Hispanic or white.

Our outpatient services range from early interventions to intensive services depending on the needs of the individual or family.  PACS works with a wide range of age groups from birth to adults in three locations in Los Angeles County as well as collaborating in several countywide programs.  Whether the treatment is individual therapy or an evidence based practice, we partner with the consumer to find the most effective care.

PACS knows that lives can be changed when someone listens and cares.  We have a multidisciplinary team of social workers, marriage and family therapists, case managers, psychiatrists, and peer, family and parent advocates.  We know that involvement in the community where our clients live is important to understand their struggles and challenges.  Services are provided in our agency’s offices but also in the client’s home or a school setting.

We recognize stigma prevents many people from our underserved populations from receiving services.  At the same time, we have seen so many children, adults and families become healthier when they can access care.  These success stories are the heartbeats that keep PACS going.

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment for adults with chronic and severe mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar and major depressive disorders or schizophrenia.
  • Intervention and treatment for children who are at-risk for abuse and/or neglect or have been abused.
  • Provide treatment to children with severe emotional or behavioral disorders such as conduct disorders, violent classroom behavior, suicidality, or self mutilation.
  • Both children and adults receive a comprehensive continuum of care from outpatient to field based services.
  • Psychiatric consultation and medication support for ongoing clients.
  • An array of evidence based practices for focused, shorter-term treatment for children when appropriate
  • Provide treatment for co-occurring substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Case management for ongoing clients to access resources for housing, enrollment for SSI benefits, health care, insurance enrollment and vocational services.
  • Peer, family and peer advocates to support clients and family members when possible.
 These services are primarily funded by the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS).


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