Parent Advocate

Pacific Asian Counseling Services (PACS) is seeking an energetic and intelligent individual to serve as its Parent Advocate to conduct parent engagement and advocacy toward the development, implementation and evaluation of competent cultural and linguistic appropriate mental health service systems of care for children.

The Parent Advocate will be responsible for engaging and developing relationships with parents of children receiving services or in need of service from the mental health service system of care.  The Parent Advocate will also increase parents’ knowledge of key mental health system of care reform efforts and develop their capacity to advocate for such reforms.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Work with PACS in developing and implementing and evaluating mental health service systems of care
  • Develop parent awareness, engagement and support in the mental health service systems of care to maximize their child’s opportunities for receiving quality mental health services.
  • Develop parent leadership curriculum/training that focuses on advocacy strategies to maximize utilization of mental health services for their children.
  • Conduct a parent outreach campaign to provide support to parents with children recipients of mental health services and maximize the number of parents benefiting from the program.
  • Build strong relationships with parents with the intention of developing parent leaders that advocate for and provide input for child’s mental health services.
  • Represent parent interest at key stakeholder meetings through thoughtfully articulating parent concerns, suggestions, and views regarding key mental health services reform models.

1. Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required

2. Contextual Experience: Must have or had a child (0-5 years of age) as a mental health service consumer.

3. Community Knowledge: Substantial knowledge of the API community and the Long Beach neighborhood including: demographics, landscape, assets, and needs

4. Leadership Skills: Effectiveness in organizing and investing adults around a central initiative

5. Team Building Skills: Able to work independently, within a team environment and lead collaborative efforts to accomplish goals and objectives

6. Communications Skills: Superior interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills, able to communicate in both Khmer or Samoan and English, basic Microsoft Office skills

Salary:  Based on Experience
Part-time position starting immediately may develop into full-time position.

For a printable PDF document click here.

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