PACS Staff

Executive Management Team (EMT):
Mariko Kahn
Mariko Kahn
Vicki Lau
Vicki Lau
Joycelyn Manzano
Joycelyn Manzano
Michi Okano
Michi Okano

Administrative Staff:

Mariko Kahn, LMFT Executive Director
Vicki Lau, BS, Chief Operating Officer
Joycelyn Manzano, BA Director of Human Resources
Gary de Vera, Accounting Manager

May Chan, Accounting Assistant
Cecilia Hebbert, Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk- Los Angeles
May Ho, Accounting Assistant
Glenn Minami, Office Assistant
Kim Phy, IT Administrative Associate
Vannary Sar, Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk-Long Beach
Ismaelita Sison, Administrative Assistant/ Front Desk-San Fernando Valley
Binh Trieu, Accounting Assistant

Clinical Staff:

Michi Okano, LCSW Clinical Director

Stephanie Yamada, MA, Quality Assurance Manager
Tina Moldin, LCSW, PsyD, Division Head of Intensives Services
Eria Myers, MA, LMFT, INC Program Manager
Janet Busso, BA, Home Visitation Program Manager


Alma Acevez, MA, Associate MFT

Rong Be, BA Community Services Specialist

Riley Bozich, Associate MFT

Jonathan Castaneda, BA, Community Services Specialist

Wondy Chew, Associate Clinical Social Worker

Usophea Chim, BS, Family Advocate

Janet Delgado, Family Support Worker

Sandra Delgado, Family Support Worker

Kelly Dickson, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

Karina Flores, BA, Community Services Specialist

Alberto Gutierrez, MA, LMFT

Vichettra He, BA Community Services Specialist

Amy Huang, Associate MFT

Julie Wong, BA Community Services Specialist

Ida Lodriguito, MD Psychiatrist

Michael Maiko, Employment Specialist

Morgan Martinez, Associate MFT

Claudia Morales, MA, Associate MFT

Kaitlyn Nguyen, Associate MFT

Katerin Ochoa, Home Support Supervisor

Elisa Pak, MS, Associate MFT

Josephine Quach, MS, Associate MFT

Helen Redmond, Associate Clinical Social Worker

Magdalena Rivera, BA, Home Support Worker

Richer San, PEI Outreach Coordinator/Lead

Michal Shechtman, MSW, Associate Clinical Social worker

Aya Tateishi, MSW, Associate Clinical Social worker

Tamara Tavai, Employment Specialist

Chena Tran, Associate Clinical Social Worker

Ann Truong, Associate MFT

Lizeth Villegas, BS, Community Services Specialist

Daniel Wongthavatchai, Associate Clinical Social worker

Nancy Wu, MD Psychiatrist

Khai Lyee Yeap, Associate MFT

Samin Yoak, Parent/Family Advocate