Creating Possibilities

Pacific Asian Counseling Services (PACS) is a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles dedicated to healing people with mental illness through counseling and caring. The agency serves people of all ethnicities but we are especially proud of our expertise with refugee and immigrant Asian Pacific Islander populations. The staff strives to be linguistically diverse and culturally sensitive. Our clients are MediCal eligible or low-income. PACS is here to help people overcome emotional challenges so they can lead productive and meaningful lives.



We provide an array of mental health services that are culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate to respond to the diversity of our clients. Learn more about our services and programs.



Your donation makes it possible for PACS to provide services not covered under other funding sources. Make a difference and donate today!


For many Asians, well-being results from harmony – harmony from within and harmony with the external world. A well person is balanced among the mind, body and soul, not separate elements. To provide integrated care, implies the person will be helped with his emotional, physical and spiritual problems. Connect with us through Facebook to get updates and join us for our next Blessing Ceremony!